09 September 2007

Hello world

Welcome to my speech blog. My name is Mark Antoniou. I am a PhD student at MARCS Auditory Laboratories at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. I study cross-language speech production and perception. If you don't know what that is, then this is not the blog for you.

Within the lab, I often create user guides based on my experiences. These guides are intended to save people (including myself) time when trying to figure out how to do something in the future. Rather than sticking guides all over the lab, I have decided that all of my guides will live in the same place: online. Here, on my speechblog, you will find guides for using particular pieces of software, tips for being productive, as well as my thoughts on some more speechy topics. I've got a long list of posts to type up. My hope is that this blog will serve as a reference for future MARCSists. Time will tell if this will be a huge waste of time.

This is actually my second blog. I have created it so that I can separate my professional life from my personal life. When you're doing a PhD, you cannot really keep your work from affecting your personal life (esp. your social life). What you can do is keep your personal life blog posts away from your work blog.

If you are looking for my personal blog, you will find it at http://markbfm.blogspot.com/. Please be warned that my personal blog contains ramblings, venting, swearing, and poor attempts at humor - all part of my coping strategy for getting through a PhD.

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