27 September 2007

So far so good

Thank you to everyone who has provided me with feedback re: the speechblog. Your emails and support are very encouraging. I'm really glad that so many people like my speechblog and find the information useful.

I will be in Greece, at the University of Athens, from 12 October until 4 February 2008. Although the rate of speechblog-posting may slow down during this period, I'm sure that things will pick up again once I get back.

What about the Mac users?
I've had several requests to include information for Mac OSX users. The bottom line is that I don't have a Mac, and am a little uncomfortable saying too much about software that I don't use. However, I am not the UWS IT department, and refuse to leave Mac users out in the cold. In future, I will try to include Mac alternatives to the pieces of software that I write about (e.g. I've already left a comment in the Roboform post). Of course, posts about multi-OS software such as Praat apply to Mac users as much as they do to Windows users.

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