21 April 2009

The Healthy Laptop MMM presentation

Yesterday, I gave a talk about setting up a laptop for work. The talk covered turning off useless Windows services, security, and also contained a few recommendations for what programs I think should come with every MARCS laptop. Frequent visitors of this blog will probably already know most of the things outlined in the slides, as some information comes from posts that are two years old. However, the info is as true today as it was the day I originally wrote the posts. In any case, I have made the slides from yesterday's talk available for download here. I designed the presentation according to Seth Godin's excellent presentation style and advice re: slide design in Powerpoint. There are two slides that I am not entirely happy with, but overall, it's a good presentation.

1 comment:

Arman said...

Very well made presentation, Mark! Love the use of pictures which tell a deal.