02 December 2010

iPad keeps disconnecting from wireless network

I bought an iPad a couple of months ago before traveling all over the US. I must say that I love it. It is so light and convenient and the battery lasts for ever. I had read that some iPad owners were experiencing wireless network dropouts continuously. Having stayed in a number of hotels on my trip, as well as friends' homes, and even having visited several Starbucks, I hadn't experienced any major issues, so I didn't worry about it.

Upon my return to Australia, I configured the iPad to work with my home wireless network and I started noticing the wireless dropout issues that I had read about. This became very annoying very quickly. So, I started scouring the internet for a solution. As I trawled through forum after forum, I came across many different stories and problems, and quite a bit hate. Posts such as, "I can't believe that Apple put out such a piece of crap...", but having used the iPad for over a month on the road with virtually no issues at all, I refused to believe that the fault lied with the hardware - it had to be something to do with the network.

After many hours searching, I finally arrived at a solution. I have tried and tested it and it works. The reason why some people have been experiencing connection problems with their iPads while others have not is because of different wireless network setups. Specifically, the problem lies in the type of wireless security. My network was set up to use WEP security. It was under this setting that I experienced the dropouts. By simply changing the security setting to WPA2, my iPad dropout issues have been resolved. It really is that simple.


Yogesh said...

Looks like this fixed the same problem for me too

aira said...

How do I change this setting on my iPad?

Mark Antoniou said...

Not on the iPad, you change this setting by logging in to your router's settings

Dave Westbarn said...

For me the problem is in reverse, I had Wep security setup and changed to Wpa to support a baby monitor and now my iPad keeps disconnecting from my network. Seems like changing the security is the problem not Wep or Wpa specifically

Silvia Jacinto said...

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