09 September 2011

Brand new look to celebrate Mark's Speechblog's 4th birthday

My Speechblog turned 4 on September 9, and to celebrate, I have created an all new blog template. I am using a heavily modified version of the 'Ethereal' Blogger template. The text area of each post has been widened to take advantage of the widescreen aspect ratio of most monitors, tablets and smart phones. The header logo has also been updated. I'm a lot better at manipulating images now than I was when I created the original speech signal header in 2007. For those interested in speechy things, the new waveform is of a Spanish female speaker producing a trill in /aCa/ context - only the first vowel and part of the trill are visible in the header. A bit of trivia for you: the old waveform was of a Ma'di voiced implosive stop.

1 comment:

Rast lol said...

Nice blog, one of beautiful WWW pearls to discover occasionally... Helped me with praat scripting :) Could you tell me please, how to generate such images out of audio files?