14 August 2008

Fix uneven line spacing when using Doulos SIL for transcription

If you have ever transcribed speech using font such as Doulos SIL, you know how frustrating it can be when the line spacing changes in your document. You have a line of text that stands out and looks strange.

Doulos SIL includes characters with diacritics that require a looser line spacing than fonts such as Times New Roman. If the line spacing was like that in Times New Roman, many characters would be clipped.

However, there is a solution! The SIL fonts FAQ provides the answer.

By adjusting the line spacing in the word processor, such as Microsoft Word 2003, it is possible to assign the same line spacing value to all lines of text within a given style. In Word, select Format|Paragraph and set the line spacing to use the Exactly setting and specify a value more suited to your needs.

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brenna said...

Thank you!! This saved my dissertation!